About Lift Up Las Vegas

Lift Up Las Vegas Mission:

Lift up impoverished and low income Las Vegans through job coaching and job placement assistance. Provide hope, encouragement, accountability, and access to related services by connecting with other local nonprofits who provide clothing, shelter, and food.

What Lift Up Las Vegas will do:

  • Research what items are the biggest roadblocks in keeping unemployed and undermployed low income Las Vegans from getting jobs.
  • Provide resume coaching and writing assistance to people from all income levels and brakets of society (donations from those who can afford it will be used to allow us to offer our services for free, to those in need of free assistance)
  • Help individuals get connected to related services available through other local non profits.
  • Assist with submitting resumes.
  • Awareness with the community of the number of Las Vegans who are homeless (possible videos and documentaries as part of the research into roadblocks).
  • Provide a website as the primary tool to help connect Low Income and homeless to resources (if they are not motivated enough to get themselves to the Library to use a computer for free, they will not be able to use our services).
  • Demonstrate accountability. Those who do not respond to our calls or emails we will offer no further assistance to, as there are plenty of people who earnestly desire and need our help.
  • Provide individual mentorship and coaching.

What Lift Up Las Vegas will not do:

  • Give out money
  • Act as a food bank
  • Duplicate existing programs (wherever practical we will refer and partner with existing programs that provide related services to members of our community)